Friday, February 20, 2009

Developing into a Top Producing Agent

So.. I needed to start making money quick.. I said to myself If I need to drive 60-90 miles away to make sure I make sales I will. I did not realize in the same exact office most were not willing to drive that distance to make sales.. But I needed sales quick...

The key thing at the time that I had but did not realize was that I was willing. I had a willing attitude. Some people say they want to make alot of money, but do not have a willing attitude.
So.... I drove 90 miles away to Meridian, MS. Made my first sale there, I was just honest, truthful, and patient. She bought. A $300 Health Insurance policy and I sold her life insurance.  

So... It at that point in my life I was starting to build some confidence in my ability. For the next few months I sold here and there. But I was still not making enough money. WHY? Because I was not truly bought into the insurance business and sales. So.... I decided I needed real money..
That for sure money..

I started cleaning office at night with my Buddy, it was "for sure money" getting paid $10 per hour. Later  I realized for sure money was not a lot of money...

So I did that and started doing Landscaping again, not being truly bought into the Insurance Business. Why? I did not see the Big Money! SO finally my branch manager called me and chewed me out.

he said,"Why are you playing around with dirt"? When you could be making real money in the insurance business.

That was a defining point in my business life. I started to focus and commit my time to Insurance Sales. It was difficult. I did not have anybody really helping me. I learned everything basically on my own. Trial and Error.

But also I was getting very serious with my girlfriend(she is now my wife) and I knew I needed to get good at something and show some stability. So for the next 6 months I worked hard and sold alot of insurance and developed some great relationships with people.... So i was on a roll and then guess what hit???

HURRICANE KATRINA....    I was suddenly in Mississippi with a way not being able to make money.. So my future in-laws were staying with a friend in houston.. So me and my father in law and brother in law headed from Ms to Houston... I got a few wheelbarrows and knocked on doors trying to get landscape jobs... Fortunately, i was able to get some pretty big jobs and make some good money because I was a few months away from getting married...

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