Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting Back to Insurance Sales in Mississippi

So...... I made some nice money in Houston, TX. I did about 3 nice size jobs in 4 weeks. So now I am heading back to MS.. Got back to MS and for the next few months focused on my sales and did very well.. 

Well the end of the year rolled around and I started to think about getting into Management. I talked to my Branch Manager and he said I was probably ready.. And also he was about to Award the Agent of The Year to someone in the office. By the end of December I was a Unit Manager. I never had been a Manager in my life. But I had just got married and needed to make some nice money. Well starting out in January I received the " Agent of the Year Award" for highest sales in Mississippi.. I was really excited about that!! 

But now I am about to be a Sales Manager. First thing I heard at a sales convention was focus on your people and then your bonuses and everything will be alright. So I did and after a few months of failing I started to see my labor pay off! Within 6 months I became one of the Top 13 Unit Managers out of 400 and was the Top Unit Manager in my office. the end of the year we were at a Sales Convention and the President of the company came to me...

He said over a Big Dinner in Atlanta, GA... Son how you would like to be Branch Manager...
I was so exicted and called my wife and said baby I am going to be a Branch Manager. I dont know where or when, but it is coming. My Manager in Mississippi was not crazy about this because I was making him alot of money...

So off to Be A Branch Manager!!!

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